About Motherlode Marketing Agency

Marketing As Science

Marketing is the art of telling something ordinary in an extraordinary way.

How extraordinary is your marketing today?

Most marketing has a cut & paste feel to it. Swap out the logo, and you struggle to tell one company’s marketing from the next. That’s partly because most businesses don’t have a marketing strategy. They are just throwing mud at a wall a few times a year and hoping some of it sticks… which isn’t a very good way of running a business.

We help our clients devise solid marketing strategies based on a scientific approach to understanding human behaviour.

Before setting up our own marketing agency in Brisbane, we had careers in senior positions at a range of businesses, large and small, including Microsoft. 

Over the years have provided marketing consulting to clients ranging from early startups to larger public companies across a wide range of industries, including Touchcorp, Telstra, Microsoft, AMMA & the VIC and QLD Governments. 

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Our engagements normally start with a chat over a coffee. If that goes well, we usually run a one day workshop with your key team to discuss what you are currently doing with your marketing, what’s you’ve done in the past, and where you’d like to be in twelve months.

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Before you leap into producing new marketing materials, we highly recommend writing a marketing strategy that will tell us more about who your customers are, what they need to hear, what your competitors are telling them, and how you can get their attention. 

We will create a marketing strategy to fit your requirements – and your budget.

Our marketing strategies start with primary research on your industry, your customers, your competitors and analysis of trends affecting your opportunity. We use this information to work out how to best position your brand and then design a series of campaigns to help you get your message you to the right people, in the right channels, at the right time. 

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While our forte is marketing strategy, we have a large team of trusted creative directors, graphic designers, web developers, video producers, animators, copywriters, journalists and photographers, that we will work with to produce marketing assets for you. Or you can use your own team. We’re flexible. 

You just focus on running your business and we’ll worry about the creative stuff.

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Here’s a few things we’ve designed for clients recently.