Bellevue Dorpers

Bellevue Dorpers is one of Australia's top breeders of dorper rams.

The Story

The lovely folks at Bellevue Grazing approached us a few years ago to help with their marketing.

They sell top-of-the-line dorper stud rams - beautiful, genetically superior sheep. They had already purchased ad space in a paper and needed an ad that would quickly get their message across.
Most of the ads in past editions of the paper were busy, unprofessional and lookedcheap. Too much copy and too many bullet points, way too much for people to read in 3 seconds.

So we designed an ad that we believed would stand out because it looks clean, simple, and classic. It’s confident and superior - just like their rams.

With a tagline we developed which is both clever and accurate.

Since then we've done annual updates to the campaign and redesigned their website.

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