Client: Cutting Edge Performance Centre
Category: Marketing
Skills: Marketing Strategy, Campaign Design

Project Description

Cutting Edge is a boutique gym in Milton that caters for people who want to train one-on-one with a personal trainer in privacy. While thinking about their marketing strategy, we concluded that their unique value proposition is they are “a private gym for private people”. But how to communicate that visually in a few seconds? We initially thought about a photo shoot but they didn’t have the budget for a studio, cast, etc. So we engaged one of our artists to create a poster that could be used on the walls of the gym, postcards, business cards, t-shirts, water bottles, and A4 posters for around the neighbourhood. We wanted an image that would immediately grab your attention and also quickly communicate the idea that “some things are better done in private”.



  • Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Design

Making one personal trainer or gym stand out from the other 100 in Brisbane was a challenge. How to reduce a value proposition down to a few words?


Cutting Edge

Gym / Personal Trainer Marketing

Cutting Edge Performance Center is a private gym for private people.

It was important to make sure the poster grabbed attention. It had to look different from everything else out there and different from what you would expect from a gym – because they ARE different. 

This image is the first in an ongoing series of people doing something in public that should be done in private. 

The artist we used lives in Spain. He’s ex DC and Marvel and we have worked with him on a number of projects.