Copy Of Mobicon Systems

Mobicon is a manufacturer of high-end industrial machinery.

The Story

Mobicon Systems needed to get more attention.

After writing a marketing strategy for the company, we redesigned their logo and created a range of marketing assets, including videos and a unique direct marketing artifact.

The biggest challenge with direct marketing is developing assets that the customer will actually a) open and b) read. We all know that 99% of DM assets probably either go straight into the bin without being opened, or get opened, scanned in one second, and then thrown into the bin.

That said – direct marketing is still an important tactic in brand building for B2B – so our challenge is to design assets that will get opened and will get read – and, hopefully, will get actioned.

We faced that challenge with Mobicon. They manufacture $350,000 pieces of heavy container handling equipment and we wanted to build brand awareness with people who handle shipping containers – mostly manufacturers, importers and exporters, and logistics companies. But how could we make sure what we sent them would get opened and read?

Enter – the Mobicon Pop Up Box.

We designed it to look like a shipping container. It flattens into an A5 envelope which is thick enough to hopefully pique the recipient’s interest. Once they open the envelope and extract the contents, the box POPS into three dimensions by itself (using a clever system of internal rubber bands).

The client said the feedback from his customers who received it was unbelievable. They not only opened the envelopes, they spend a lot of time studying it, trying to work out how it worked and showed it to their colleagues, as we had planned.

We also produced the above customer testimonial and product overview videos for the client.

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