Marketing agencies come in various flavours.

Which one is right for your business?



Some agencies (like Motherlode) take a strategy-first approach. We like to THINK before we CREATE.


We also like to run a workshop with a client (which can last for an hour through to a whole day) to get a deep understanding of your business, products, services, customers, your objectives and your previous marketing experiences.


We like to work with clients over the long haul as a trusted partner. So we approach new client relationships with that in mind. It's not a one-off transaction for us. It's about your success which is how we measure our success.


Some things can only be learned the hard way. For example, why having a strategy is important. We have been around the block, learning our craft inside large multinational corporations who spent hundreds of millions of dollars a year on marketing, as well as inside small startups with the budget of a oily rag.

What makes us different from most other marketing agencies in Brisbane? Watch this short video.

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