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Consultation Manager.

Consultation Manager.



Client: Consultation Manager
Category: Marketing Strategy, Event Marketing, Logo Design
Project Description: After writing their marketing strategy, we helped Consultation Manager with a number of marketing tasks.

They were launching their stakeholder engagement software product into the US market at an industry conference in Portland, Oregon. We conceived the tagline of “Protect Yourself” and the idea to have them dress up in safety gear and we designed hi-vis vests to handout to customers. As their product has nothing directly to do with safety (it’s a cloud-based stakeholder engagement platform), but they stood out from the rest of the vendors and, in one of their director’s words, “it could not have gone better”. They had potential customers walking around the conference wearing their hi vis vests. We have since tweaked their logo.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Event Marketing
  • Design